How are we different?

Inverloch Free Range's approach is simple: Offer a quality product to our customers through an ethical and sustainable farming practice. Our hens are fed the best feed available and eggs are delivered fresh!

We don’t beak trim or wing clip as we strongly believe in allowing our hens to naturally forage for bugs and worms, groom themselves and fly (yes, the hens fly!). We supplement the hens natural diet of grass, bugs and worms with a grain-based ration containing no meat meal to satisfy all the nutritional requirements of our hens and ensure good health and an excellent lay rate. 

The green coastal paddocks of South Gippsland allow our hens to produce eggs with a great yolk colour. We feed our hens a diet containing no manufactured colouring additives. In natural conditions, there is no need for these additives and you will notice a difference in colour of each egg.

Our hens are free to range around in fresh pasture, scratching for worms. Our mobile sheds provide a safe, warm and dry place out of the elements for the hens to lay their eggs and roost at night. They are protected 24 hours a day by our Maremma’s Snowy, George, Sunny & Nev. These highly intelligent dogs will bark insistently if they sense anything that isn’t the norm on the farm. Our beautiful dogs will cease barking when the threat has gone away. Our hens are free to forage in the paddock knowing that their guardians are casting a watchful eye! We adopted them from Maremma Rescue Victoria 

We are accredited with the Victorian Farmers Market Association and as such adhere to the standards set out by the association.  

You will find us at the Coburg Farmers Market and Inverloch Farmers Market

We deliver to our wholesale customers throughout South Gippsland as well as a weekly service to Melbourne.

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